1916 Rebellion
Walking Tour


Dublin’s Original 1916 Tour — Founded 1996

The Easter Rising of 1916 was the most dramatic event in the history of Ireland’s struggle for independence from the British Empire. The executions of the leaders after the Rising awakened a generation to the cause of Irish freedom, resulting in the War of Independence, the formation of the Irish Free State and as a result the Irish Civil War.

Lorcan Collins, author, historian and podcaster, and his colleagues, will take you to the relevant sites of these battles in Dublin as the complexities of Irish history are explained in an accessible and concise fashion.

We also offer special private tours for small family and friend groups (with a maximum of 10 participants). These tours are available all year round. Click Book Now to see availability.

For larger groups or school groups or any enquiries contact Lorcan on 086 85 83 847 or email lorcan@1916rising.com


The International Bar,
23 Wicklow Street,
Dublin 2
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Mondays to Saturday
(inclusive) 11.30am
Sundays at 1pm

About two hours at an
easy going pace

Adults: €19 (nineteen euro) per person
Children aged 8 to 16: €12 (twelve euro) per child
Children under 8: Free